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The pictures shown on my Work Page is my digital work, which I have been working really comfortably with for the last few months, even investing in a new laptop and printer so I can make the most out of the media, but I also love doing cross stitch and embroidery!

I had originally planned to study textiles at college before finding my passion in Illustration, even though I get very frustrated with different techniques and am very intimidated when I sit in front of a sewing machine! But, for Christmas 2016, my friend, Gabby, bought me a DIY cross stitch kit which had me stitching the words NO BAD VIBES onto a hooped piece of fabric for the entirety of my Christmas day, sparking up a new fascination with stitching!

It is such a therapeutic act to sit and stitch! Once you have the design mocked up and your thread ready, you can quite leisurely create a textual piece of work, even if it can take a few hours!

I still give myself stitching projects from time to time. I like to stitch my poetry and it is a very cathartic way to unleash such personal words. I hope to one day have a gallery showing on them all - lots of little words floating around in wooden hoops!

Stitching is pretty twee! It leads itself to so many different designs and captures an nostalgic, almost innocent feel. I have been asked to make commission pieces with cross stitch for certain customers as gifts or daily reminders of strength.

I even made my mum a personalised cross stitch for her birthday last year (2017) taken from the song her Grandad use to sing to her when she was little.

I think I love the outcome of embroidery and cross stitch because the lines are so exact and precise, much like digital art, but with the tactile quality. I really enjoy stitching type, its amazing how many font styles it lends itself to!

It also lends itself nicely to my personal style of illustration, making it a fun and different process to take something I have drawn and turning it into something more than just a drawing.

Like any artwork, sometimes it comes out beautifully, sometimes I have to spend the afternoon picking out stitches and starting from scratch! However, I have a box FULL of threads and hoops and a mind full of ideas to still make! I give myself little stitching projects from time to time just to help push my ability and to take a break from what I've been working on generally. Half finished in my sewing box at the moment is a Moonrise Kingdom embroidery which needs a bit of TLC, which might have to be how I spend the weekend!

I am always happy to make custom stitch pieces so, if you're interested, please just send me a message and let me know what you're after.

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