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Updated: Sep 10, 2018

Over on my Instagram page, I've started a new weekly routine with #getthroughmondaywith where I draw and share someone I've discovered who influences and inspires me. I'll also post them here so, if you want to find some new awesome people to follow, or you just need a bit of a pick me up, find it below!!



If you don't already follow Chidera, I highly recommend you should! Not only is she the founder of the #saggyboobsmatter movement (supporting the notion that your boobs aren't 'anti-gravitational devices' and to appreciate your body type and be comfortable with yourself!), she has also just released a book called What A Time To Be Alone - A Guide to Why You Are Already Enough. Chidera is a great representation of self acceptance as well as being humorous and honest in her speech and writing. If you need a pick-me-up or a bit of inspiration this Monday morning, go check her out!!!


@jameelajamilofficial @i_weigh

Jameela is just cool. She's funny and honest and real. So, when I discovered The Good Life on Netflix, I was super pleased to see her back on my screen after being a fan back in the T4 days! I then discovered that she runs @i_weigh , my new favourite Instagram page where Jameela encourages people to express their 'weight' by not the number of the scales, but the things that make you you. I posted mine on my story a few months back (swipe to see again) and, although I found it quite difficult to try and think of the things I loved about being me, it was such a great thing to do. I look at it every now and again to remind myself of my good. Jameela is also hitting back against Hollywood's standards that they place on, particularly, women and recently campaigned against that ridiculous lollipop appetite-repressor as advertised by Kim Kardashian. If you don't already follow Jameela or I Weigh, I'd definitely recommend it!



Most conversations I have, I will quote something I have heard and learnt from The Guilty Feminist podcast! Deborah Francis-White has created such a brilliant programme - educational, emotional, hilarious, challenging, mind opening and making us all realise it's ok to get it wrong sometimes, if you're willing to learn how to correct yourself! Joined by different (amazing) guests each week, a variety of different topics are covered, such as periods, relationships, politics from around the world, white feminism, LGBTQA+ lifestyles and so much more to help you understand how to be a better ally and an inclusive, intersectional feminist, whilst making you laugh -and cry - in the process! Brilliant stories, accounts and stand up each week, as well as supporting many different charities - big and small. Add this into your weekly Spotify or Apple Podcast rotation!!!

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