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This month, I signed up to raise funds for Refuge , a charity supporting women and children escaping domestic violence and abuse. Refuge helps over 6000 women, children and men everyday providing emergency accommodation (about £150 can house someone safely for 3 nights).

Refuge run a 24 hour, freephone National Domestic Abuse helpline and also offer community - based outreach services, culturally specific services and a team of independent domestic violent advocates supporting women at high risk.

I am supporting Refuge through a Facebook Fundraising Page and hoping to raise £150 for the charity by running about 3.5 miles everyday through the month of February. It is vital that people know where to turn to when they are in need and have the support they require when they are escaping from danger.

I understand it's a difficult time at the moment, but if you can support Refuge by donating that would be absolutely incredible!! I will be keeping a record of my challenge and keeping the fundraising page updated daily. If you aren't in a position to give right now, if you could visit the Refuge website and read up on the charity, and/or possibly sign up for the fundraiser yourself, that would be amazing!

Thank you so much

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